Aesculus californica

California buckeye. This multi-trunked deciduous tree is one of our most unusual native trees. A hardwood with smooth bark and oblong leaves, it grows up to 40’ tall with a broad crown. Early spring leaves open apple green, then darken to forest green, changing to yellow-brown in July and finally to rust before falling in August and September. These late season colors offer one of California’s most memorable sights, the silver-gray trunks with a few remaining cinnamon leaves and pear-shaped fruits, standing against buff-colored hills. The fruits, each containing a single inedible seed, continue to develop on bare stems into fall. Adaptable long-lived tree, requiring little care. Flowers are large and pinkish-white, appearing April to June. With occasional summer water the leaves will remain on the trees until fall but the winter silhouette is perhaps its most alluring feature. Adapts to most soils, but prefers full or part shade and room to accommodate its widespreading habit. Native Americans leached the seeds to obtain a starch for flour. Hardy to 0F. Siskiyou Mountains south to Los Angeles.

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