Who We Are

As we celebrate our 45th year in the nursery trade, we continue to pursue and develop new selections with the intention of adding a sense of discovery and exploration to California gardens. Our travels, both in western North America and abroad, add appealing new species and cultivars to our collection through the generosity of friends, plant enthusiasts, and botanic gardens. We offer these plants with a shared regard for the wonder and grace of the natural world. As garden philosopher Allen Lacy has written, "I suspect that a more loving and caring people can be found among gardeners than among any other group united by a common interest."

Native Sons began in 1979 on a single acre with the idea of producing the finest California native plants for the landscape trade and retail nurseries. Through the years we have grown in size and scope to include plants from other Mediterranean climatic regions of the world, as well as a range of grasses, succulents, and drought tolerant perennials. Today we produce plants from 4-inch containers to 24-inch boxes and provide service to retail nurseries, wholesale growers, and landscape professionals from San Diego to Portland, Oregon.

Our original staff of three has grown to more than thirty-five employees, and the nursery itself has grown from its original one acre to fourteen acres in three yards of greenhouses and field production. We thank our customers for their loyalty and support that has made all of this possible and look forward to growing with these relationships.