Carex testacea

Orange New Zealand sedge. The distinctive coloring of this mounding sedge makes it a delight in any garden especially when combined with other grasses or broad-leafed perennials. The hair-like olive green foliage takes on a vivid tangerine-colored blush at the tips and glows brilliantly in the sunlight particularly in cold weather. Mature plants grow to 15” tall and grow best in moist, well-drained soils. This sedge tolerates sun or shade, but most gardeners agree that the foliage color is best with at least a half day of sun. In our garden this sedge has reseeded in a pleasing fashion in both sun and shade. Use as an accent, in containers, or along waterways or combine with other boldly colored plants like Phormium ‘Shirazz’ or Salvia ‘Burgundy Bliss’. Hardy to below 0F. New Zealand.

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