Comarostaphylis diversifolia

Summer holly. Small burl-forming tree to 20’ and often with an equal spread. Fragrant racemes of urn-shaped, white flowers appear from early spring to mid-summer. The clusters of red, warty berries that follow (similar to those of a madrone) are very attractive to birds. Leaves are glossy and dark green with inrolled margins. The grayish-brown bark shreds in thin strips, revealing a reddish inner bark beneath. Plants are best with full sun on the coast and partial shade inland. Adaptable to adverse conditions and tolerant of a variety of soils, summer holly is at its best in well-drained soils with occasional summer irrigation. Similar to Arbutus unedo but with a wild heart. Hardy to 10F. A component of chaparral communities, it is native to the coast of Southern California and Baja.