Deschampsia cespitosa

Tufted hair grass, Fairy wand or Tussock grass. A densely tufted, evergreen perennial that forms mounds of darkest green foliage to 2’ tall and 3’ wide. The striking panicles of silky flowers are its most ornamental feature, and these emerge in late spring well above the foliage creating a virtual shimmering cloud in the garden. In areas with little wind or snow, the flowering stalks will remain all winter, catching light and providing interest while dormant perennials store up reserves for spring. Most cultivars in the trade are of European heritage, but a California form exists that is quite tolerant of both aridity and shade. A suitable choice for borders, under native oaks, or on partially shaded moist slopes, tufted hair grass grows best in light shade with rich soil and regular water. Hardy to below 0F. North America, Europe. Synonym: Fairy wand

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