Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’

Japanese forest grass or Golden variegated hakonechloa. A slowly spreading, deciduous grass with delicate, bamboo-like foliage to 1’ high and 3’ wide. Some at the nursery claim that this is the most ornamental grass we grow. Though the species is solid green, this cultivar possesses brilliant golden foliage streaked with narrow lime-green bands. As if it weren’t already dramatic enough, the foliage turns an intense pink-red in fall before dying down for the winter. Plants grow well in almost full sun near the coast, but require at least partial shade inland and need reasonably well-drained soil with regular water. In deep shade the foliage becomes more chartreuse and less golden, but plants will continue to grow and flower. A choice plant, alone or in masses, as a woodland groundcover or in containers. Not a good selection for heavy soils or dry gardens. Hardy to 0F. Japan.

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