Miscanthus sinensis

Eulalia grass. A graceful warm season grass to 6’ tall with elegant flower plumes appearing from mid-summer to late fall, many consider this species and its cultivars to be the showiest of all the grasses. Fall foliage color varies by cultivar, though most are completely dormant by December, their winter foliage adding seasonal interest and a musical rustle in the wind. Cut back whole plants to the ground just as the new growth begins to appear in spring and prepare for the glorious display of summer flowers held in tassel-like plumes above the foliage. Most sources recommend full sun or light shade with regular garden water though we have found a number of cultivars to be surprisingly drought tolerant. Plants are typically much smaller (to perhaps 3 or 4’) with restricted water. Hardy to 0F or below. China and Japan. Deer resistant. Common name synonym: Japanese silver grass.