Quercus tomentella

Island oak. Small to medium symmetrical evergreen tree growing to 60’; upright and exceptionally handsome. Young trees are almost columnar. Lower branches will naturally brush the ground like a Christmas tree, unless pruned up to a more formal look. Large slightly toothed leaves to 3” long, thick, leathery, dark green above, lighter beneath and densely tomentose when young. Tolerates poor soil and drought, but grows faster with summer water. Acorns are nearly 1” long. Chooses canyon bottoms and exposed slopes, in rocky soils. Introduced by Carl Wolf, from Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, it is the least familiar and rarest of the California oaks. Exceptional native tree for coastal gardens. Occasional to infrequent water once established. Hardy to 10F. Isla Guadalupe, Channel Islands, Sierras Juarez.

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