Salvia interrupta

Woody sage with a handsome, sprawling habit that rises out of a basal rosette of tuberous roots. Neat, apple-green leaves are 3-lobed and covered with short white hairs on the underside. Flowers appear in late spring or early summer, frequently repeating in October. Flowering stalk reaches to 2’ with widely spaced violet flowers to 2” long. The lower lip has two distinct white lines that lead insects to pollen and nectar glands. Prefers full sun but has performed admirably in our garden in significant shade. Well-drained soils are a must; plants in heavier soils generally die the first year. Drought tolerant but better with occasional summer water. A temperamental favorite in our garden, our mother plant is ten years old and we are damn proud! Found growing natively on the rocky limestone slopes of the Atlas Mountains. Hardy to 25F. Morocco.

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