Sesleria autumnalis 'Campo Verde'

We have named our selection of Sesleria autumnalis ‘Campo Verde’ in response to requests to clarify and differentiate our grass from the one that is in the Californian and European nursery trade.  Our stock has all come from one clone that originated from Kurt Bluemel Nursery. Here are the differentiating factors to our selection based on our observations of plants that have been in Dave’s garden since 1985: - It has darker green foliage - There is a laxer growth habit - The texture is softer - The plant is quickly rhizomatous (does not form the clumps as typically seen) - Ours blooms from Summer to Fall and not the Spring as seen commonly in other Californian gardens - It will tolerate full sun or deep shade as seen in the Dave’s garden meadow under oak trees  - There is a high level of drought tolerance with less browning observed in the garden  - The flowers appear brighter and fuller

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